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Stephen Sorokoff My View: Bob Mackie Dressed the Singer & The Mic – This Could Go Either Way..Pia Zadora

One thing for certain, I knew the music director/arranger/pianist (Vinnie Falcone), Joe Lano on guitar, Bob Sachs on bass, Mike Mechem on drums and David Arana on keyboards, would produce some of the best music ever heard in the Metropolitan Room. The award winning director Jeff Kutash would shape an extraordinary show.

The ambience of the Metropolitan Room would bring me back to the excitement of Las Vegas. However, did the expensive sequined fabric on Pia Zadora and the microphone signify a tacky show or a spectacular one comparable to a Liza experience?

Pia is utterly exciting, beautiful, musical, thrilling, enchanting, and puts on one of the most entertaining evenings I’ve had in a club this year.

She has the history, the career, the acting and vocal ability, the showmanship and the engaging personality which make “Pia Reloaded” a must see. As they say, everyone got their monies worth at this one, and based upon what I saw happening with lights and sound on stage I know Pia got her monies worth. One thing for sure, she received plenty of love and admiration from the audience.

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Review: Pia Zadora – Reloaded

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