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Review: Pia Zadora – Reloaded

Pia Zadora. The name brings immediate recognition to those over a certain age: The wild and crazy girl who married rich and was partially famous for being famous (Some things never change, do they?). But she actually comes with some pedigree. Long before her married life, she was on Broadway (Fiddler on the Roof, no less!), and you may be surprised to learn that she was nominated for a Grammy and won a Golden Globe (Best New Star of the year, 1982).

At age 60, Pia Zadora jumps on-stage with a verve and energy that matches an excited 6 year old, allowed to perform for the first time. She not only looks fantastic, but she excites the room with a sparkling personality (to match her celebrated sparkling dress). She is definitely a seasoned entertainer that knows how to work a room.

One of the nicest things about watching her is her comedic, self-effacing banter. She knows who she is, and what her reputation brings – and meets it all head on. She flagrantly throws her credits around, but at the same time, is smart enough to laugh at them. Even when talking about her age. For example, she discusses the name of the show, “Reloaded,” saying that they were thinking about calling it what people might really think: “Pia Zadora – Still Alive.” It’s moments like these that bring a laugh to the audience and a fondness for what otherwise could be a one-dimensional character.

With an incredible band (several members used to play for Sinatra) and tons of energy, Pia Zadora hits Cabaret on the head with guns blazing. Check her out in New York and around the country, especially in Las Vegas.

Joy Behar welcomes Pia Zadora to “Say Anything!”

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